Milestone S.r.l.

Milestone Helping Chemists Milestone has been active since 1988 in the field of advanced microwave sample preparation. With over thirty patents and more than 20.000 instruments installed worldwide covering large and small research institutions, as well as universities and industrial laboratories, we are the acknowledged industry leader in microwave technology.


Stanhope-Seta design and manufacture quality control instruments used to measure the physical characteristics that determine product quality and consistency. The ‘Seta’ range includes test equipment for the hydrocarbons industry as well as many other laboratory test applications for quality control, calibration and analysis.

Linseis Thermal Analysis

More than 60 years ago LINSEIS started the production of thermal analysis recorders and instruments. We have taken up the challenge with pleasure to produce the required equipment for you.

The development and manufacture of thermoanalytical instruments requires dedicated research and a high degree of precision work, for us this is a matter of course for the benefit of our customers

Trace Elemental Instruments

Trace Elemental Instruments B.V., designs, develops, manufactures, markets, sells and supports a range of laboratory equipment for industrial, petrochemical and environmental applications. The company is founded in 2009 and located at the former manufacturing site of Euroglas B.V., Thermo Euroglas and Thermo Fisher Scientific in Delft, The Netherlands.

Lab Tech Srl.

LabTech is a leading manufacturing company with skill and passion devoted to provide advanced laboratory solutions to the analytical community. We are located in Sorisole, northern Italy, with facilities in USA and China. Incorporated with global branches, LabTech is organized into R&D, production, marketing & sales and customer support.


Develop high end laboratory equipment that saves worldwide customers time and money while producing the best achievable test results.

STARDist is our brand new Automatic Distillation Unit and includes new and innovative features such as Optical Dry Point Detection, Voc Cold Trap, HD Volume Scan, Automatic Heater Lift, Smart Heater Control and much more. Methods: ASTM D86, D1078, D850, EN ISO 3405, IP123, JIS K2254, and other related methods.

Automatic viscometry systems for lubricants and other Newtonian fluids

OmniTek provides fully automatic kinematic viscosity instrumentation compliant with ASTM 445/446, ASTM D7279 (Houillon) and other related standards.

Omnitek focuses on lubricant, fuel and plastics testing equipment. We are a manufacturer for kinematic viscometers and moisture analysers.  To provide our customers with a complete line of solutions, we are also exclusive dealers for several manufacturers who all stand out in their field and offer top quality, innovative products.  Please review the below list for an overview of the brands we represent.

Innovation and Experience

  • ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH is an independent enterprise founded in 1992. Our head office is located in the technology park “weinberg campus” in Halle (Saale). We are a medium-sized, owner-managed company. Each individual staff is part of our success. They shape the company and each product with their knowledge and individuality. We are available for our customers at all times and are working jointly on solutions for analytical tasks.


  • ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH is a developing and manufacturing company. Besides standard products, we develop individual solutions in the field of analysis for our customers. “Experts in analysis” is not only our company’s slogan, but also the foundation of maximum quality in research area and the principle of our products assembling at an excellent level.

The main focuses of our company are:

  • Assembling and marketing the scientific devices for laboratory analysis, factory process control and on-site mobile analysis
  • Developing and working out individual analytical methods
  • Developing and manufacturing customized hardware and software modules as original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Developing new analytical measuring methods and application of measuring devices for controlling complex and technical industrial facilities
  • Services relating to analysis

AD Systems specializes in the design, manufacturing, selling and servicing of unique test equipment for the evaluation of physical properties and performances of fuels and lubricants. All of the products offered by AD Systems were developed in response to specific needs within the petroleum industry. AD Systems has in the past and is currently working with governmental agencies and research departments of petroleum companies to develop prototypes and subsequently to manufacture various instruments and systems. Our customers include oil refineries, commercial laboratories, fuel distributors, terminals, blenders, lubricant plants, OCM labs, research labs, marine, aviation companies and military. AD Systems cumulates 75 years of experience in designing test equipment for petroleum industry. Our commitment is to deliver prompt, friendly and attentive customer service and technical support. AD Systems is an active member of the American Society for Test and Materials (ASTM®) as well as with Energy Institute, GFC and BNPé.

  • The very successful Aquamax KF takes its new place alongside the ECH AQUA 40.00 Karl Fischer product line, meaning we now offer ppm water determinations in liquids, solids and gases, including the most difficult and problematic sample types.
  • Together with the new H2S Analysers, our equipment can be used in all locations. In the laboratory with automation, on-site/portable testing and we even offer you on-line water content and H2S measurements that are fully integrated into your process.
  • ECH Scientific Limited UK combines these unique products and is the new global sales department for both GR Scientific and ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH.
  • ECH Scientific looks forward to continuing the Aquamax KF titrators, the unique KF reagents and the well received GR Scientific Karl Fischer service centre. When coupled with new and exciting technologies designed and manufactured at the ECH R&D centre in Halle Germany, we believe we offer you and your company a reliable partner for ppm water contents and H2S determinations.
  • Thanks to the ECH R&D centre, the AQUA 40.00 titrators and H2S analysers are now globally recognised by leading groups and committees like ASTM and DIN. These unique instruments handle and accurately measure difficult sample types like water in LPG, lubricants and H2S in solid, oils, gas and water.

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